Expert Digital marketing duo Nikhil Darji and Ahmad Tariq from NotchWeb share their insights on how to run a Startup successfully

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Expert Digital marketing duo Nikhil Darji and Ahmad Tariq from NotchWeb share their insights on how to run a Startup successfully

This century has seen a tremendous increase in opportunities and as individuals begin to discover the ideas that they want to pursue on their own, this leads to rise in startups or future unicorns.

Let’s hear from the founders of multiple startups Mr Nikhil Darji and Mr Tariq Ahmad about the nuts and bolts of running a start-up successfully.

“I have got the opportunity to be called as the founder of two brilliantly performing startups, so I think I can relate to people who want to be there, since I also started with zero knowledge, at the age of 19, I became the founder of RoyalClouds hosting, today we have NotchWeb Digital Marketing services, our another dream project which has been a big learning opportunity and honestly, I believe that you need to have two things at hand to start something of yourself, courage and well researched plans, rest everything is manageable”. says Nikhil Darji.

“Courage is essential because almost everyone has an idea that they at some point in their lives want to pursue, but what they lack is the courage to leave everything else and focus on making it worthwhile, first get out of that bubble”, he adds.

Talking about how one can scale a business after a decent start, Mr Tariq Ahmad says,”It is important to build plans and then to sticking to those, if something doesn’t work, have a plan B, reach out to potential clients, those who can help you make big money and which you can use to brand your startup, even when you have heavy words such as CEO on your head, constantly look for people who can assist you better and continue learning forever, this is the most important aspect”.

” You business cannot grow, if you are not ready to learn, even when you hire others or delegate, to be a CEO you have to be the jack the all trades”, he adds.

These takeaways are words of widom to those who are struggling with either having the courage to start or for those who are stuck at a juncture and want to accelerate their startup to becoming a unicorn.


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