Breaking News in Yuba County: Ending Explained

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Breaking News in Yuba County is a black comedy directed by Tate Taylor. The film is a sarcastic take on the media’s growing influence in our lives and comments on its penchant for storytelling without necessarily following an ethical approach.

The story takes inspiration from the Coen Brothers’ oeuvre, known for a sardonic take on violence. Breaking News in Yuba County has its fair share of violent moments but doesn’t position them overtly in the narrative.

Is the truth finally revealed in the end?

Detective Harris’s persistence in the investigation takes her closer to the truth. She has reason to believe that Sue is hiding the truth as there are many disinjuctions in her narrative. Also, Mina is looking for her father’s money which is supposed to be with Karl. Petey feels that Mina has abducted Karl because of his own checkered past. Mina plays along, sensing an opportunity to make some quick money. On the other hand, Nancy records the conversation between Sue and Karl’s mistress, which leads her to inquire about the truth.

Mina is kidnapped by Petey’s boss, Rita, who is his partner in crime. Mina’s accomplice tracks her down and kills Rita in cold blood. Mina’s abduction enrages his father, the crime boss Mr. Kim. He threatens Sue of dire consequences, and she agrees to take her to the place where she had buried Karl. In a situation contrived in the lines of black comedy, detective Harris is also present there. Throughout the film, detective Harris seems to be the only one who inches closer to the truth.

We feel that she might turn out to be the savior and uncover the truth. As fate would have it, a shootout ensues between Kim, Harris, and her junior officer, which results in their death. Despite reaching a dead-end, Sue is saved by the situation, and we assume that she takes the money for herself. Her love for attention isn’t over, as a year after, she appears in an interview with Gloria promoting her new book. We can assume that the truth remains buried in the ground with Karl.


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