Shawn Johnson Welcomes Baby Girl After She Suffered A Miscarriage Two Years Ago

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Former Olympian, Shawn Johnson has welcomed a baby girl with her spouse Andrew, two years after she had a miscarriage and a few weeks after she broke her big toe.

The new patents who are excited to have their daughter join their household in Nashville, Tennessee revealed that they did not know the gender of their baby until she arrived. The couple had deliberately chosen not to find out the sex of the baby, saying that it would be fun if it remained a surprise to everyone, including themselves until the child was born.

In October, Shawn broke her big toe, making things a bit tough for the expectant mother who stayed positive almost throughout her pregnancy. Revealing the injury, Shawn wrote: “38 weeks along and here I am, in the ER for a broken big toe.”

Before Shawn broke her toe, she had been engaging in long walks and other exercises to make it easy for the baby to come out. She, however, had to stop the exercises when a concrete slab fell on her foot, breaking her big toe. During the last weeks of her pregnancy, she shared a photo of her trying on her old Olympics leotard. She said on her social media post that her spouse, Andrew had dared her to try them on. She also revealed that she was 40 weeks gone. “Baby! Get here already!” she wrote.

In 2017, Shawn Johnson and Andrew suffered a miscarriage. The couple had just shared a video of Shawn showing off her pregnancy test result which was positive on YouTube when she experienced bleeding and was taken to the hospital. The doctor informed them that Shawn was miscarrying. “Hearing a doctor tell you that you miscarried doesn’t feel good. I don’t need to cry anymore as I have cried enough today.”

In an interview with E! News this summer, the new mum revealed that being pregnant again was terrifying. She said that she and her husband had to lean on each other to make it through the experience.

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