Inspirational Journey of Sudha Yadav and charting lyricist Zubair Shaikh

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In the past few decades, People have started relying more on digital marketing efforts than any other marketing medium. Sudha Yadav is one such marketing expert who is just 20 years old and a student of her graduation.

Sudha Yadav owns her digital marketing company called Digital Guruji. She has been involved in more than 100 digital marketing ventures helping artists and organizations reach the next level with her time-tested marketing strategies.

Renowned lyricist and entrepreneur Zubair Shaikh is an inspiration in himself. He has penned down many Bollywood songs and is an owner of the leading web hosting company ‘Hostlelo.’ His starry-seems journey has not been a bed of roses. The success he is savoring today is totally self-earned.

Zubair Shaikh was born on 8th July 1991 in the sprawling slums of Mumbai. What he was born with was not in his hands, but what he will die with is surely in his hands. He had an ordinary childhood, but a sparkling future was waiting for him. He completed his bachelor’s in engineering and started his career as a junior developer in Nucsoft. He then worked for various companies’ projects like HDFC Bank, Aditya Birla, ICICI bank, LNT, Magma Finance, Yes Bank, and Fullerton India. In their leisure time, he used to engage himself with writing habits. He is a blogger and writes his heat out through the medium of poems. His soulful writing skills took him to live life to the fullest.

At the age of 22, he entered Bollywood. Coming from a small-area and outsider, he knew nobody in the industry, but with his talent, vision, and hard work, he could make it. Gradually, the gully-boy, Zubair Shaikh, started becoming the composer’s choice. He penned down lyrics for T-series labeled song ‘Jism’ of the album ‘Luv ShuvPyaarVyaar.’ He was co-lyricist with Shailendra Sharma for the song ‘Marhum’ by Dr. Reena Mehta. What the deep and beautiful lyrics he gave to the music Marhum!

Zubair Shaikh didn’t stop with this also. He wanted to fan the flames of his potential totally. While he was struggling to fit into the industry, he started his web hosting company ‘Hostlelo’ on 1st April 2017, with just 1500 bucks. Hostlelo is an affordable and reliable web hosting company in India. With commitment, vision, passion, and team-work, his company started gaining success. Thousands of clients now trust it.

No doubt, touching enormous heights with success and dreams is a reward that those get, who have planned and executed each moment of life, this gully-boy is out for many more such voracious endeavors, true it is, that sky is not the limit for those who strive hard.

Zubair Shaikh, founder of Hostlelo and Sudha Yadav, CEO and founder of Digital Guruji, is the true source of inspiration for youths who want to pursue their careers in the digital marketing field.

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