The Journey Of Aayush Rana From Being a Successful Digital Marketeer To Launching FirstBox

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Aayush Rana is a person who has achieved so much in just a little bit of time. He is just a youngster, about 23 years old, but he is quite an interesting person who has a deep interest in programming; he is a Full Stack Developer and has been creating websites since 11th standard. While he learned how to build websites at such a young age, he also began running various kinds of blogs and web pages along with social media pages.

With the establishment of these blogs and social media pages, he started making money. At the same time, he was still in Lovely Professional University, busy obtaining his Bachelors in Technology degree in Computer Science. All his growth was happening at a rapid pace for him.

Aayush simultaneously worked with various brands and ran digital campaigns for them, and he also specialized in creating launch strategies for new brands and creating brand awareness for them. He is quite a successful digital marketer and has worked with various local and international brands.

Now, he is involved in his current project, FirstBox, with Narendra Dagar, who is also 23 years old and shares many similarities and experiences with Aayush Rana.

Where Do Aayush Rana And FirstBox Stand In the Current B2B Space

Aayush Rana plans to launch FirstBox by the fourth quarter of 2021. It is a B2B e-commerce platform with no markup fees. This is because FirstBox is for those buyers with minimal resources and low purchasing power. It also plans to help sellers market thier product in the retail market under its agency ‘KR Media’.

While there have been initial stages of development in the project, the details have yet to be seen when the platform is made available to all. The great thing about Aayush Rana and Narendra Dagar’s FirstBox is that there is no additional price and no hidden charge. The only cost that any small scale or large scale or any user has to pay is the membership fee, which is a compulsion if one wants to avail the benefits that FirstBox provides. Also, only the credit card and debit card payment will have additional transaction fees, while UPI, IMPS will be kept free.

Aayush Rana has a great story behind his success, and now, with the introduction of FirstBox in the B2B market, we wish him the best of luck for his venture.

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