MacBook Pro 2021 will come with a flat-edged design similar to the iPhone 12

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As per the rumours, the new 2021 MacBook Pro models are expected to come into the market during the second quarter of 2021 to get a redesign. There is a possibility that we could see the upcoming machines with a design similar to the iPhone 12.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the new MacBook Pro models will offer a flat-edge design, similar to the iPhone 12. The new Apple Silicon iMac expected to come in March could also offer the same redesign, but that’s not confirmed officially yet.

Kuo is the person who mentioned earlier that Apple has plans to introduce one 14.1-inch and one 16-inch MacBook Pro model in 2021. The analyst hadn’t mentioned previously about these notebooks getting a design like iPhone 12. If you are more curious about the performance and I/O than the design changes, it seems the 2021 MacBook model will offer that too. The upcoming Apple Silicon will feature 12 cores, which hints that new models could feature a chipset much powerful than the M1.

Coming to connectivity, Kuo believes along with the MagSafe connector, Apple will bring back the SD card slot on the 2021 MacBook Pro models. In 2016, when Apple introduced a MacBook Pro model redesign, at that time, the MegaSafe, SD card slot, and display ports were removed. All the ports were replaced with USB-C which supports Thunderbolt 3.

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