Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra, On How They Helped Brands Stay Profitable Even During Lockdown

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Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra are two of the brightest minds that our country has to be proud of. They are the marketing gurus who have received quite an overwhelming response from the entire community.

Akshay and Yogesh Batra have a great bonding as they met on Facebook back when they were just teens looking to make money online. The two had unique ideas to share, and this happened in the year 2017. While the kids of their age were busy gossiping and making fun of the class’s toppers, the two had a lot of other stuff going in their minds.

Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra are experts in digital marketing, and they certainly have a very bright future in the business. They have managed the accounts of many Punjabi and Bollywood Celebrities, and hence, they have become what we call the ‘young sharks’. Their upcoming venture is called ‘Urban Goods’, and it is expected to create a new revolution in how Digital Creators create and sell thier licensed merchandise.

Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra On How They Helped Brands Profit Even During Lockdown :

Yogesh Batra is just 21, while Akshay Singh is only 22. In the entire year of 2020, they have remained profitable and never lost composure. Many businesses had to shut down, and many owners even gave up, taking what was left. The thing that helped Akshay and Yogesh helped brands grow, also enabled them to create their own profitable digital space is their consistency.

Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra have helped brands reach their audience efficiently and made them realize the importance of updated marketing schemes. According to Akshay, “It is challenging for local brands to grow digitally and most of them end up losing money instead of making it”.
Akshay and Yogesh Batra turned to Instagram Celebrities and other social media channels to promote brands and create a more effective promotion mechanism that drives sales, not just impressions.

They handle social media handles of various celebrities too, the various brands didn’t have to look for other means to talk to reach celebrities, and it was easy to collaborate, and hence, it can be said that the perfect system of marketing has originated in the minds of Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra . In the lockdown, it has been hard for various brands to drive sales, and hence, inspired by these events, the two kids have become one of the youngest people to master the concept of marketing.

As Yogesh has rightly put,
“The struggle is just as sweet as the victory when the goal is something you admire and love doing.”

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