AMD to outsource its APU and GPU production to Samsung

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AMD might outsource its APU and GPU production to the South Korean giant Samsung. Even though the Red team is having a great run financially throughout 2020, however, when it comes to stock and availability, it is facing backlash from fans. This is due to the fact that they outsource manufacturing fabs from TSMC only.

Although the output has been great for AMD but the problem that it has faced has got to be with the availability as TSMC’s manufacturing nodes are in heavy demand. In the meantime, Samsung has been working with AMD on the Radeon GPU part for their upcoming Exynos chip.

Now, a new unverified rumour from a South Korean tech forum Klein and was spotted by Twitter user @harukaze5719. It says that AMD could eventually shift some of its GPU/APU production to Samsung and although it’s unveiled but you cannot entirely shove it away.

It makes sense because AMD is heavily dependent on TSMC for a huge number of products including Ryzen CPU/APU lineup, Radeon GPUs, data centre CPUs/GPUs, Threadripper CPUs, and Xbox and PlayStation chips as well. So, it is this huge demand and TSMC’s fault that AMD is not able to meet the expectations.

It’s still early to tell but it seems the tech company could be the first company ever to use Samsung’s 3nm node while TSMC join hands with Intel and Apple over 2nm process research. Even though this might be cost-intensive for it but if the end product is good and sustainable for the future then it will help the Red Team in the long run.


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