Intel Xe HPC 2-tile GPU Die: Revealed

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The first shot of Intel Xe HPC 2-tile GPU Die is public now. Raja Koduri, the Chief Architect of Intel is the man who posts the image on Twitter. It’s the 2-tile variant and the EU clusters, catch, and memory are clearly visible.

The die features 16 clusters having 128 EUs in each; that’s a total of 1024 EUs and 8192 cores. The Intel Xe HPC 2-tile GPU is based on the Intel Graphics 12.5 architecture and will be clocked at 1290 MHz to generate 21.1 TFLOPs of horsepower. Alongside, a 4-tile package is also cooking that contains 2048 EUs or 16384 cores, and a graphic horsepower of 42 TFLOPs.

Along with the image, Raja also wrote “7 advanced silicon technologies in a single package” which indicates Intel will follow 7nm technology to build the HPC 2-tire GPU.

Intel’s DG1 OEM-Only graphics card also landed recently, and it seems that the chipmaker is trying to tease the future GPU technologies that it will bring to us. The company becomes very serious about Puttingan an impact on the GPU market. It is forming the combo of Pat Gelsinger as the CEO and Raja Koduri in the post of Chief Architect.

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