The Journey Of Two Digitalites Gulrez Alam And Md Badshah Ansari – From Being Newbies To helping Newbies Revamp Their Digital Business

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“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.”

The above mentioned famous quote given by the mighty, Dhirubhai Ambani, was what stuck my mind while in conversation with Gulrez Alam Co- Founder And C.E.O and Md Badshah Ansari Co- Founder And Director, Founder & Director of Teamology Softech and Media Services Pvt. Ltd. We have all heard stories of rags to riches of several men, Dhirubhai Ambani’s story is something that India swears by, but today we bring to you the story of similar believers who have taken the digital space by storm, but why the Dhirubhai Ambani analogy? Because they turned their dreams into reality even after odds, so that others don’t hire them to build their dreams, and they can instead, focus on building their own dreams.

Today, not only are these men living their dream themselves but are working as anchors for other’s dreams, by providing realistic, affordable and goal oriented solutions for several budding and established businesses, all this by wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

But this dream startup did not come into being overnight, it took months and years to build the empire by hustling relentlessly, it was the consistent efforts that helped Mr Gulrez Alam and Badshah build a team of experts who could resonate with his vision.

The dream of having a startup business was something that stuck him when he realised he couldn’t live the life that he wanted, with the grades he had while working for a firm, unlike his peers, he was a backbencher who had little interest in studies, throughout his life he had to come terms to the verdict of his closed one’s who’d tell his parents, “he would not achieve anything in life”.

From changing degrees to trying hands on various stints, it was the persistence to make the best out of his life that he undertook each opportunity that came his way, one thing was clear to him that in the 20th century, digital was the way forward. Hence, taking a leap of faith and with the help of his old acquaintance, Md Badshah Ansari, he bought a domain with the name and kickstarted the journey for change. now is a leading educational and Sarkari Naukri Informative portal in India.

After that decision, in a matter of months, both these men became owners of one of the most accurate, factual and informative websites that gave regular updates on all government jobs in India, by why The idea originated when these young men were busy finding a suitable job for themselves and would often end up being fooled, therefore being forged so many times, they understood the pain of several aspirants like themselves who had to be dismayed due some monopolistic websites which would keep releasing misleading information on the web. The fight to outrank them was not going to be an easy one.

This motivation helped them to strive harder for correct information, post the success of sarkarinaukriind with the help of millions of followers who were trusting regular updates by the website, their dreams became bigger and more full proof.

Following which, the dream startup had its inception in August 2020, with a team of experts and custom digital optimization service packages and best PR services that were tailor made for startup and established businesses, Mr Alam launched an online digital marketing agency that would outdo his expectations in a few months. It’s been 5 months since the digital solutions agency went live and there hasn’t been a day when the agency is not flooded with businesses wanting their services to level up their web game.

How did they pursue such skyrocketing growth in a matter of months? It’s simple, the team at teamology just doesn’t help businesses with what they pay for but it gives dreamers like themselves actionable steps that don’t weigh them down with their costs. Invincibly, teamology software and media services Pvt Ltd has become a brand that speaks trust, affordability and top notch digital marketing solutions, guiding believers to become achievers.


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