Reliance Jio Has Brought A New Oreo Play Pledge On JioEngage

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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Reliance Jio has brought quite a number of offers ever since it has been released. This step taken by Reliance has brought viable and unexpected changes in the field of communication. It has brought the world closer to India and India to the world. Also, Jio has another good habit of bringing new offers continuously. This is where the new JioEngage comes in. The JioEngage is one of the many platforms that has been built by Reliance Jio and features some of the absolutely wonderful concepts from the Mukesh Ambani-led company.

More About JioEngage and The Oreo Play Pledge :

Oreo Play Pledge is one of the many new offers and schemes that are developed by the JioEngage platform. As per the Jio Oreo Play Pledge offer, there are many valuable collectibles available for free for the customers. Thus, it can be said that the Oreo Play Pledge will provide many users with many free goodies with just simple steps to be followed.

धमाका] Daily Free 2 GB Jio Data Instantly From MyJio Oreo Play Pledge Offer
Free Recharge Tricks

Also, along with these gifts, there are many collectibles that are available for some lucky customers that are signed by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the former Indian captain. So, JioEngage has brought multiple offers that have attracted many people across the country. The steps that one has to follow are quite simple.

On JioEngage, a user has to enter the Oreo Play Pledge and accept the ‘I Pledge’ option. From this, it can be concluded that there will be various T&Cs that will be applicable and should be accepted by others to be able to proceed with various offers. So, the users will have to ‘Play & Win’ and enter ‘Oreo Unscramble’. Thereafter, a user will have to connect pieces of pictures in order to win the game.

Thereafter, click on ‘Let’s Go’ and hence, ‘Close’. Thereafter, users have to apply Oreo frames to the pictures of family and friends, and thereafter, click ‘Submit’. This feature on JioEngage seems rather fun and interesting. Also, there is the option of ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ if you are pleased with the collage that someone else has created.

Also, along with these actions, users can win 100MB data and 1GB of Jio Data, on guessing correct answers in JioEngage Unscramble. These games are surely fun to play and many users will also get merchandise signed by our very own hero Mahendra Singh Dhoni which is just majestic.

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