Another Extension For Apple TV Plus Confirmed By Apple For Free Usage

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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There is great news for those who have subscribed to the Apple TV Plus. It is getting an extension for its free version. Any person whose subscription would have expired in between the months from now to June is allowed to use the Apple TV Plus freely until the end of July 2021. This is great news for all the people who follow the shows and other media broadcasted on the platform. With more and more shows slowly pouring in, the platform has gained quite a number of users.

More About Apple TV Plus Free Subscription Extension By Apple:

The free usage of Apple TV Plus has been guaranteed by Apple and hence, making its customers quite happy at the beginning of this new year. A similar kind of extension was provided by Apple back to those whose subscription was expiring in the month of October 2020. Thereafter, the company had extended the free rights until February 2021. Hence, after that extension, another extension seemed to bring smiles to many faces.

Apple Extends Free Apple TV+ Trials Until July - MacRumors

In short, it can be said that those who subscribed to the services in the recent year, will be getting over 9 months of free access which is just wonderful. Also, those users who have subscribed to the services of the company but, discarded it in between won’t be getting this extended service and hence, they won’t be able to avail of this benefit. Therefore, it is a piece of sad news and a poor decision for those who have unsubscribed from the services.

When the company launched the Apple TV Plus back in the year 2019, the company has given a free subscription to those who have bought Apple products like Mac, iPhone, and various other various devices. Since then, there are many who have subscribed to the Apple One subscription in India too with a price of over Rs 195. Since then, the company has given quite a few benefits to the subscribers.

Also, it is also confirmed by the company that the owners of a new Apple product can get a free subscription to Apple TV Plus from about 90 days of the purchase. It is clear from this announcement that Apple wants more customers for their TV and hence, wants to compete with other OTT platforms like Netflix.

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