Ever Since The Ant, Alibaba Breakdown, Jack Ma Has Surfaced For The First Time

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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Jack Ma has become the most influential man in China. Recently, he resurfaced soon after the Chinese government came crashing down on his hard-earned empire. The thing is that after this, there was a live-streamed video wherein the billionaire left plenty of unanswered questions, and hence, people are wondering what is in the store for the future of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s stock. There are many more things that people are wondering about and hence, the entire media is buzzing with the video of Jack Ma.

More About The Appearance Of Jack Ma:

The company, Ant confirmed the authenticity of this video, and hence, it can be said that the video was original as it was posted online but, the further comments were denied by the officials. Jack Ma and the future of his company still remains questionable. Another great impact of this video was that the shares of this man, who owns a third of Ant, have increased by about 8.5% in Hong Kong which is, of course, great news.

During the event, Jack Ma said, “Recently, my colleagues and I have been studying and thinking. We made a firmer resolution to devote ourselves to education philanthropy,” Ma said. “Working hard for rural revitalization and common prosperity is the responsibility of our generation of businessmen.”

Alibaba's Jack Ma makes his appearance after three months - BaaghiTV English
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The absence of Jack Ma has become the subject of quite a debate and people are now wondering about the location of the billionaire. Another fact is that the Chinese government has begun investigating his company Alibaba and hence, there seems to be a lot of disturbance in Ma’s empire. Brock Silvers, a managing director at the private equity fund Kaiyuan Capital in Hong Kong, said :

“Jack Ma’s unexpected re-emergence — just as sudden as his earlier disappearance — is likely a sign that his relationship with Beijing’s regulatory authorities has stabilized,” Silvers added. “A path acceptable to all parties may have been identified, but Ant Group still looks likely to be dis-aggregated and regulatory restrictions will almost surely take a significant bite out of Ant’s former valuation.”

This is quite a thrilling ride for Jack Ma who is still unseen since November when the investigation had begun. For now, Jack Ma’s standing with Beijing remains unclear and we still don’t know the future of this billionaire and the companies he founded, ie, Ant and Alibaba.

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