India’s Youngest Duo Social Media Geeks, Nitin Negi and Sahil Wadhwa Who Built A Fortune In Their Spare Time

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After the internet became the biggest attraction on this planet, social media platforms buzzed in each nook and corner. The most powerful buzzwords till date that has millions of individuals being added each hour is Facebook and instagram. Today, individuals of all age and genders are active on these social media giant networks but use these mostly to while away their time after a busy day at school, college or in their professional lives, little do they realise that their some minutes of consistent steps towards making the best use of social media can earn them a part of their salaries, and in the long run, a constant source of income, that too while doing what we know best, scrolling and posting content.

When the roads of Nitin Negi and Sahil Wadhwa coincided in the year 2010 on facebook, little did they know that one day their net following on social media platforms would climb half a billion. But as they started with exploring and experimenting the vast island of opportunities that lies dormant on such networking platforms, there was no going back to their old lives.

Nitin Negi belongs to the Karnaprayag town in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand while Sahil Wadhwa lives in Madlauda village in Panipat district of Haryana. These small towners with their little to no knowledge of the scope of digital resources took a leap of faith and dived into understanding the nuances of Facebook and Instagram marketing and revenue generation, website generation and optimization alongwith SEO and personal branding.

Since they both knew that deploying these tools and generating substantial revenue out of these approaches will be a thing of the long run, they carefully went ahead to encash opportunities that would arise by dissecting the trends in stock market and cryptocurrency. True, it is that if you put your mind and heart decisively into something, you are likely to see results, in a matter of 2 years, both Sahil and Nitin realised the potential of revenue that could be generated on the internet, hence they started performing more experiments by multiplying their reach across facebook pages and websites.

Today, the duo is synonymous to stalwarts of the internet, paying salaries to over 30 enthusiasts like themselves, who helps and manages most of their content and branding needs.

Such individuals provide deep insights to millenials who want to make a side income or if purused seriously, funds that will sustain longterm growth and fame options. Today, they are not only living their dream life that is governed by their own decisions and actions but are also winning fame amongst the youth.

We can understand from this proposition that once a person achieves expertise in a certain platform, it is easier to replicate these models on other platforms and streamline the traffic towards those platforms.

With over 50 facebook pages and niche websites that are running with over millions of visitors everyday, the earning potential on the web is far too difficult to be calculated in numbers. These numbers are a proof that perpetual efforts and a will to be drivers of change coupled with a desire to always keep learning, sustains all odds and helps in building an empire that is invincible.


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