Biden To Unveil 8-year Citizenship For Immigrants On Day One Of His Presidency

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On Day One of his presidency, US President-elect Joe Biden aims to introduce a sweeping immigration bill. It is aiming to include an eight-year pathway to citizenship for approximately 11 million immigrants residing in the nation without legal status. This is going to be a major reversal from the strict immigration laws of the Trump presidency.

After 4 years of President Donald Trump‘s restrictive policies and mass deportations, the legislation puts Biden on track to achieve a major campaign promise crucial to Latino voters and other immigrant communities.

It offers the quickest routes in recent years to citizenship for those living without any measure of legal status. The standard trade-off of improved border protection preferred by many Republicans does not include it. This is rendering approval in a closely divided Congress unlikely.

Biden to Propose Eight-Year Path to Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants
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After Biden takes the oath of office Wednesday, they will present the bill. Expectations are that it could go beyond hundreds of pages. As per a person who is familiar with the situation told this.

Comments By Biden:

As a candidate, Biden called Trump’s immigration behavior an “unrelenting assault” on American values. He added that while continuing to preserve border security, he would “undo the damage.”

According to the law, whether they pass background checks, pay taxes, and meet other basic requirements, anyone residing in the US as of Jan. 1, 2021, without legal status will have a five-year path to conditional legal status or a green card. From there, if they wish to seek citizenship, it’s a three-year road to naturalization.

The method would be easier for certain immigrants. So-called Dreamers, young people who came unlawfully as children in the United States. Even farm workers and people under temporary protective status may apply for green cards. They could do so more immediately if they work, are in school, or satisfy other criteria.

The bill is not as extensive as the last big immigration overhaul that came during the Obama administration when Biden was vice president.

For example, it does not include a comprehensive element of border protection but instead calls for approaches of the establishment. It also does not produce any new guest hires or other visa programs.

It discusses some of the underlying causes of relocation from Central America to the United States and offers grants for the growth of the workforce and the education of English.

Biden is supposed to take immediate executive action to overturn other immigration decisions by Trump. This will include an end to the ban on immigrants from many mostly Muslim nations.

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