Corona Virus Vaccines: 580 adverse reactions, 2 deaths not linked to vaccine

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A total of 3.8 lakh people have been vaccinated since the rollout of the corona virus vaccines three days ago, the government said on Monday. Among them, 580 cases of adverse reactions have been observed and seven persons have been hospitalized. Two persons have died also but neither deaths are related to vaccines, the government said.

A death was reported from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh last evening. Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh last evening. Mahipal Singh, 46, a ward boy at a government hospital, had received the vaccine shot 24 hours before. The district’s Chief Medical Officer has said the death is unrelated to vaccination.

The post-mortem report reveals the immediate cause of death as “cardiogenic shock/septicemic shock” due to “cardio-pulmonary disease”, the state government said. According to his family, he had been unwell before the jab. The second person to die was a 43-year-old man in Karnataka’s Bellary. The government said he had died of cardio-pulmonary failure. The post-mortem is yet to be done, the government said.

The state government said none of the other health care workers who took the vaccine from the same vial had any adverse events. Mr. Nagaraju, the state government said, came to work in the morning and complained of chest pain. He collapsed and was admitted to the hospital, but could not be saved.

Later in the evening, Karnataka health minister K Sudhakar said the man did not suffer a heart attack because of the corona virus vaccines. “The man had a massive heart attack. He had  a history of diabetes and co-morbidity,” he said, adding that the man was administered the vaccine on Saturday and had no symptoms.

Of the seven people hospitalized, three are from Delhi. Two persons have been discharged and one is under observation at Max Hospital. Two cases have been reported from Karnataka, one of the patients is still under observation.

One person is under observation in Uttarakhand, at the All-India Institute of Medical Science in Rishikesh. Another person is hospitalized in Chhattisgarh’s Rajanandgaon.

The World Health Organisation defines AEFI or Adverse Events Following Immunisation as any untoward medical occurrence which follows immunisation and does not necessarily have a casual relationship with the usage of the vaccine. Of the 3,81,305 healthcare workers vaccinated so far, 1,48,266 were administered the vaccine on Monday.

Monday’s drive took place across 25 states the corresponding figure of Sunday was six. Every state has its own schedule and target for each vaccination site. Most states target vaccinating 100 beneficiaries each day at each site. In Telangana, the figure is 30.

Roughly one crore health workers and two crore frontline workers will receive the vaccine initially. Later, it would be the turn of 27 crore people who are either above the age of 50 years or suffer from co-morbidities like diabetes and hypertension.


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