WHO: “We May Never Find Patient Zero”, Discussion Over Covid Origin

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The emergency committee of the WHO (World Health Organization) called for globally-ramped coronavirus sequencing experiments on Friday. It is in order to tackle disturbing new variants stalking the globe.

The conference was moved forth by two weeks for emergency talks on the more infectious strains of the virus. As per an AFP count, the death count from the Covid disease outbreak reached two million.

Nations requesting evidence of vaccination from new foreign travelers is rejected by the emergency committee.

It said, however, that it was time to update travel advice guidelines considering what was now known about the virus.

In the next 100 days, the WHO said it wanted Covid vaccination to be carried out in every country. The concerns are that rich nations are hogging the first batches coming off the production lines.

And while the alarm sounded about a new virus variant emerging in Brazil, the WHO cautioned that in some nations the latest outbreak increases could be blamed on behavioral lapses instead of just new variants.

Only by decoding their genetic code will the recently-discovered variations be detected — an approach that is not feasible often.

“On variants, (the committee) called for a global expansion of genomic sequencing and sharing of data, along with greater scientific collaboration to address critical unknowns,” the WHO said after the virtual meeting.

In an effort to prevent stigmatization, the panel also called on the WHO to come up with a structured method for naming new types to keep them politically and geographically neutral.

WHO Team In China Will Start Meetings Online From Quarantine

Statements By WHO:

The WHO said the covid strain first discovered in Britain had expanded to 50 territories in its observational bulletin earlier this week. On the other hand, a related South African-identified strain has been detected in 20.

According to the WHO, a third mutation originating in the Brazilian Amazon is currently being studied. It could affect the immune response.

The situation in the Amazon state of northern Brazil, and especially its capital, Manaus, has deteriorated dramatically. This is with hospitals brought to the brink, said Michael Ryan, director of WHO emergencies.

“If this continues, we are going to see a wave that is greater than what was a catastrophic wave in April and May in Amazonas,” he told in a press conference in Geneva.

But Ryan stressed that it was “too easy to just lay the blame on the variant”. He added that individuals and authorities would recognize their share of responsibility for their transmission-driving acts.

“This virus is dangerous on its own — variant or not.” WHO’s Covid-19 technical lead, Maria Van Kerkhove added.

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