Aashram Season 3: The Fresh Update

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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Aashram is a Hindi crime web series that got a massive audience response. If you’ve not completed it yet, it is a must-watch show. It has received tremendous affection from the audiences in its last two seasons. The series is among the most viewed originals on MX player. This Hindi web series is two seasons down and fans are already expecting ‘Aashram Season 3’.

Aashram was filmed in Ayodhya and the creators shot both of the seasons with one go, so it was convenient for them to launch season two shortly after the first. The filming locations for season 3 of Aashram have yet to be finalized.

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When will Aashram Season 3 arrive?

On November 11, 2020, season 2 of Aashram got a release. Till then, we’re waiting eagerly for Season 3 of Aashram. But there are no official statements made about its release date for now. Season 3 will certainly come, for sure, it will not be the web series final season. The first season released in August 2020. It was just two months before the release of Aashram Season 2 which was in November. 

The third season of the mega-hit series will be launched by mid-2021 if rumors are to be trusted. The series is already in the making. The writers and producers are in the writing phase, and the pre-creation process has just started. At this stage, the filming of the season has not begun. 


The plot revolves around a Baba from the Ashram. Baba has followers who are committed to him and can do whatever he wishes. Subsequently, each supporter gives the Baba their money. In reality, Baba is truly a fraudster who wants his followers to be eternally his lover with the intention of making the most of their wealth and free help. The mysteries and secrets associated with Baba are included in every chapter of the plot. Ideally, we should see the Baba and the Ashram being revealed before everyone in season 3.

New Faces in New Season:

Prakash Jha announced that while season 3’s plot will revolve around the character of Deol and his demise, the new season will be joined by many more characters. “We gave due importance to the sub-plots and the different characters, which is why we could make it so entertaining. I did not imagine even then that Aashram would earn the kind of acclaim it did. Several key characters will also make a comeback in the new season,” he added.

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