As Central Prepares States For Vaccine Drive, Aadhaar And Co-Win To Wipe Out Proxies

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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India along with Aadhaar and Co-Win is all planned to start its vaccination process against the Covid-19. This is like an unprecedented mission to get rid of the virus. The campaign would be for the common people and will start on 16 January 2021. Recently, the central government appraised state governments of the nuances and logistics in order to make the mission a huge success.

There was a meeting held between Central government officials and state governments. This virtual meeting focused mainly on Co-WIN software. This is the special software launched by the government that will be used to implement the campaign.

Ram Sewak Sharma chaired the meeting. He is the Chairman of the Empowered Group on Technology and Data Management to fight against COVID-19. Different top Health Ministry officials along with the Principal Secretaries of all states attended the session. Ram Sewak Sharma also belongs to the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration. This is also designed to analyze the steps against COVID-19.  

More About Co-Win And Aadhaar Connection:

Co-WIN is a platform with the idea of smooth execution of the program in mind. It will include all recipient data and going to implement and control real-time vaccination notifications. This real-time notification will notify the people from all over the country as told to the States. 

However, the platform right now is only accessible to officials. The government also informed that the registration site for registering the vaccine appointment will be open soon to the general public for the proper functioning of the program.

Central officials instructed the State governments to keep the digital records of everything that is happening. From the information of who got the vaccine and by whom, to which vaccine is used. This will help the officials for future references as there is more than one product available in the nation. Keeping such data, hence, in real-time is important.

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According to the officials, one more major issue that comes into the picture is the proxies. Officials must be very cautious about the distribution of the vaccine keeping in mind that there should be “no proxies” at all. Hence, officials instructed the States that they should and must uniquely identify the benefitted candidates. In regard to this, the Centre government had advised asking the beneficiaries to link their mobile number with their Aadhaar. This is going to help the government in two ways. The first in registration and the second in conducting communication about the program. 

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