Sex Education Season 3: What is the status?

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The third season of the show “Sex Education” has been officially confirmed by Netflix. Well, this is no surprise for anyone as the comedy-drama made the streaming platform’s top-ten most popular series of 2019 both in the UK and US. Created and written by Laurie Nunn the show was a big hit on the streamer and both of its seasons were loved by all its viewers. Undoubtedly the show has an extremely huge fan base and they are crazy about the show.

Sex Education Season 3: When is the release happening?

The announcement was made by Headmaster Groff (Alistair Petrie) and it was all expected. If the tradition is followed then we can expect the third season to be out in January 2021. But, nothing is sure for now as there are no official announcements related to the release date of the upcoming show. The show made its debut in the year 2019 and changed the standards of the comedy-dramas. And, following that season two aired in January 2020. It is known to all that both of these seasons were well-received by its audience and received a lot of appreciation.

Sex Education Season 3: What will be the plotline?

Sex Education Season 3: What is the status?

The new cast announcement give is a little insight into what may happen in the third season of the show. For instance, we know; that there’s a new headteacher in town, in the form of newly cast Jemima Kirke, so we can guess; that there will be some changes at Moordale High. While we don’t know any plot details for certain, there are unite; a few loose ends from the end of season 2 to tie up, so we can hazard a guess at what’s to come.

For one thing, Jean finds out she’s pregnant in the season finale; after her relationship with Jakob has already broke down. Plus, Jean and Otis aren’t talking; to each other after she found out about the sex advice clinic he was running at school, so Otis has yet to find out.

Meanwhile, Adam overcomes his insecurities to publicly declare; his feelings for Eric, so we’ll no doubt get to see how their relationship develops in season 3. Meanwhile, Otis tries to do the same thing, leaving Maeve a voicemail apologising for his behaviour and telling her that he loves her. However, Maeve’s friend Issac deletes the message and sends Otis away when he comes to see her.

All over, things are going to be entertaining as always.


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