Gigabyte Z490 motherboards will now support 11th Gen Intel Core Processors

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Gigabyte is a leading manufacturer of motherboards and custom graphics cards. Not only that, but its custom hardware solutions are in high demand in the market. The manufacturer recently announced that its Z490 motherboards; will feature PCIe 4.0 hardware design and can now support the 11th Gen. Intel Core processors perfectly by an update to the latest F20 BIOS.

The new update will provide extreme bandwidth and performance for PCIe 4.0 graphics cards and SSDs. We know that the latest 11th Gen Intel Core processors will be launched in March 2021. So the OEM announcing support for them ahead of their launch shows the faith which it has in Intel.

The news comes as an advantage for those who use the current generation Z490 motherboards. As they will be able to enjoy the performance boost; with PCIe 4.0 function and 11th Gen Intel Core processors support.

To optimize the dissipation of M.2 SSD, Z490 AORUS motherboards built-in THERMAL GUARD 2 patent design breaks the limitation of the CPU zone and ensures that both sides of the M.2 SSD are adequately cooled. It prevents thermal throttling under high-speed operation.

Not only the PCIe 4.0 and latest Intel processors but the Gigabyte motherboards also support the latest Resizable Base-Address Register option to uplift the bandwidth between CPU and VGA memory when gaming.

GIGABYTE Z490 motherboards offer a diverse range of enticing features, including advanced Fins-Array technology, tantalum Polymer capacitors, and optimum memory routing design for extreme performance, durability, and much more.

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