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ArcX brings world’s first smart ring for sports and fitness

The world’s first smart ring has been developed by ArcX Technology especially for single-handed sports and fitness use. It will be launched at digital CES in January 2021. It is a UK-based sport tech-start-up, the ring is designed to be worn on the index finger and controlled with the thumb. Connected via Bluetooth to any Smartphone, the ring allows users to store phones in a pocket or backpack, controlling playlists and other phone functions simply and easily, even when wearing gloves.

ArcX has been selected as one of the five finalists in the CES Last Gadget Standing competition and has been hailed as one of 2021’s best new products by the judges at ISPO, the world’s largest sports trade show.

ArcX is made from medical grade silicone and houses a micro joystick inside water and the shockproof inner case. The inner case can be swapped among different sized rings; or a watch type strap that allows the user to attach the device; to a handlebar, paddle, or another piece of sports equipment. The ring boasts an impressive 20 day stand by with a battery that delivers five days on normal use; from a one-hour charge time, plus it’s waterproof to IP67 standard and drop tested from 6 ft/2 meters.

These rings by ArcX work really well on their own, connecting; in seconds to any smartphone or other devices such as sports cameras and wireless speakers. An intuitive App is available, free on both Android and iOS platforms that provide a host of customizable options and additional features such as a stopwatch, an emergency SOS call function as well as the ability to connect with other sports-based Apps.

ArcX will start shipping in May 2021 in three colours, blue, black, and orange. The rings will go on sale in the UK, EU, and the USA priced at £79, €89, and $99 respectively. A roll out to other countries will follow. Each product ships with four interchangeable stretches; fit outer ring cases, a handlebar mount, and charging clip, a carry case, and a keyring carabiner.

Priti Maan