White House: Trump urges Pence to “come through” to steal second term

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Pledging that he would “fight like hell” to remain in the White House, a desperate US President Donald Trump called on his vice-president Mike Pence to “come through” to illegally award him a second term, even as his supports began descending on the capital on Tuesday for rallies authorities fear will be provocative and violent.

Contending that “there are people intent on coming to our city armed”, authorities in Washington DC, a Democratic-run city, mobilized; the National Guard as Trump supporters, many from white supremacist and raciest groups, arrived in the city for the so-called “stop the steal” rallies outside; the White House on Tuesday and Wednesday.

But by all accounts except those in; the conspiratorial extreme right circles, it is Trump who is brazenly trying to steal the election. In a rally in Georgia on Monday, a shrill Trump raised the pitch, appealing to vice-president Pence, who is tasked at a joint session recognizing Joe Biden; as the winner of the Presidential election that has been certified by the states.

“I hope Mike Pence comes through for us. He is a great guy. Of course, if he doesn’t come through I won’t like him quite as much,” Trump said at a rally aimed at canvassing support for two Republican senate candidates in Georgia. Losing both seats in the run-off elections on Tuesday will pass control of the Senate to Democrats.

White House: Trump urges Pence to “come through” to steal second term
The Washington Post

In another rousing rally of his fervid supports that raised fears of being a COVID; super spreader, Trump mocked a more restrained Biden; rally in the state while warning that “America as you know it will be over,” if Democrats gained control of the Senate. “And it will never, ever I believe be able to come back again. It will be too far gone. Your vote tomorrow could be your last chance to save; the America that we love” told voters in a state that has long been home to many white supremacists; who have suppressed black voter turnout to win elections.

Georgia turning blue and Democratic on the strength of black and minority; turnout in cities such as Atlanta is considered a turning point in US politics, a precursor to other states such as Texas going the same way because; of demographic changes and growing minority assertion as the polls.

Trump’s appeal to Pence was a little more circumspect than his intimidation revealed; in leaked phone calls of two Georgia Republican officials. In the call, he directed the officials to “recalculate” the presidential vote; tally in the state and “find 11780 votes” just enough for him to win the state.

The officials not only pushed back on Trump’s bogus claim of large-scale fraud in the leaked phone call but followed it up with a point-by-point rebuttal of his bogus claims at a press conference, virtually calling the President a liar.



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