President Trump’s Presence at UFC Contest Met With Mixed Reactions

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The occasion turned out to be more positive than President Trump’s previous visit to a sporting event.

President Trump is more or less the most controversial president in the world. So, it wasn’t a surprise that his attendance at the UFC event was met with mixed reactions. Trump, who has been facing an impeachment inquiry at the capital took a break from DC to New York to watch the UFC main event at Madison Square Garden. The mixed martial arts event highlight was the fight between UFC fighters Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz. Masvidal won the main event.

Trump was Cheered and Booed by Many as he Attended the Event

Most fans at Madison Square Garden cheered Trump as he walked in for the event. Many waved at the president and some even pulled out their mobile phones to take photos. Despite receiving a cheerful welcome to the event, many fans also booed at Trump. As the President walked into Madison Square Garden, the PA system played loud rock and roll music which hid the crowd’s reaction to an extent. Trump took a sit on the floor right by the octagon after waving at the crowd.

According to UFC president Dana White, the Secret Service wanted president Trump to watch the game from a suite but, Trump didn’t listen to them.” White said Trump insisted on watching the game from the floor. Trump sat with Rep. Mark Meadows, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Peter King, Eric Trump, and Donald Trump Jr.

Trump’s presence at the UFC game made him the first sitting U.S president to attend a mixed martial arts sporting event. Masvidal won by a doctor’s stoppage as the third round ended. Immediately the fight ended, the president left the arena with his escorts at 12:49 p.m. Added to the loud rock and roll music that played as Trump walked into Madison Square Garden, the video board in the arena didn’t show Trump. However, he was seen in the pay-per-view broadcast.

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