AMD patents new Chiplet design for its GPU in future

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AMD has been making quite an ordeal for the year 2020. With the release of its Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards and its new mobility lineup awaiting to be released during CES 2021, AMD is all set to make its mark in 2021 as well.

But the information which we received has increased our expectations even high for the company. On December 31st, AMD submitted a new patent;  to the US Patent Office, which describes a potential GPU chipset design. The manufacture has outlined the problematic structure of such a design and explained; how it would be possible to avoid them in the future.

According to Advanced Micro Devices, there are several problems; with the current GPU designs and it is majorly related to their implementation. As such the designs are kept in a monolithic state.

“GPU programming model is inefficient; to work with multiple GPUs, as it is hard to distribute parallelism across multiple active dies in the system. It is also complex and expensive design-wise to synchronize memory content across multiple GPU chipset.”

According to the chip manufacturer, it is possible to avoid the problems by implementing; ‘high bandwidth passive crosslinks’. In the patent design, AMD describes that the first GPU chipset would be direct ‘communicably coupled’ to the CPU, while the other chiplets would be coupled to the first GPU via a passive crosslink. The red team has publicly announced that it is working on the new chip-let designs for its GPUs, and also there have been rumours that its RDNA3+ could be based on chip-lets.


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