TSMC & Samsung: Hurdles in 3nm process development

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TSMC & Samsung are facing hurdles in the 3nm process development. One cannot forget the contribution of semi-conductor foundries in the world who are making this evolution possible.

A recent report from Digitimes says that the two biggest semi-conductors contract manufacturers TMSC and Samsung are developing the next-generation 3nm process node, which is said to come into the market in the next 2 years.

As per the report: The foundries may have to delay moving their respective 3nm process to volume production. In China, distributors of chip resistors have raised their prices reportedly to reflect unstable supplies from the manufacturing side. Taiwanese PCB makers remain upbeat about demand in first-quarter 2021; but are conservative beyond that, judging from uncertain developments; arising from a number of factors, such as the momentum from the stay-at-home economy.

It seems the development of these upcoming 3nm nodes is facing resistance from distributors of chip resistors in China because of the unstable suppliers from the manufactures. So, although the development might see some issues, 3nm will indeed be coming in a few years and with time both TSMC & Samsung could give some insights into their progress.

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