Tesla will remain Public, it won’t hinder Musk’s innovation

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Tesla is known for its innovative creations and the company is gearing to become the most successful organisation in the manufacture of Electronic vehicles. But it turns out that company’s CEO; Elon Musk is not interested n making the company private.

People around the globe have been asking as to why he is not innovating and moving forward with his new crazy ideas, which made him who he is today; he is simply responded that he isn’t interested in going private.

“Tesla public company duties are much bigger factor, but going private is impossible now. Engineering, design, and general company operations absorb the vast majority of my mind and are fundamental limitation on doing more.”

The performance of Tesla this year was nothing short of simply amazing, and it gain is twice the advance of the next best performer on the gauge. The sudden rise in the company’s performance attracted several investments from millionaires and also boosted Musk’s net worth. As we all know he became the world’s second-richest person crossing Bill Gates.

Going private has its advantages for Musk, if you think clearly, by remaining public he can attract more investors and the capital won’t be an issue.



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