AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPUs gets support from CTR 2.0

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AMD Ryzen 5000 series has got  new support. A new Graphical User Interface has been added to the software and in addition to the support for AMD Ryzen 5000 Zen 3 CPU; the new Hybrid OC mode has two main profiles, P1 and P2. The P1 profile offers maximum all-core boost while the P2 profile maximizes gaming performance.

Features of the new update:

  • Support for Ryzen 5000 series (X Processors)
  • Support for Ryzen Renoir (AM4)
  • Updated Tuning and Diagnostic Modes
  • New monitoring (No longer needs Ryzen Master)
  • Phoenix feature (Restores the operation after reboot or BSOD)
  • CTR Hybrid OC (Utilizes both, manual OC and PBO simultaneously)
  • Initial Frequency Smart Offset 2.0
  • Improvements in software performance and safety.
  • Improved Profile Management

The first official release for CTR 2.0 will be by the end of January.

Other features for the CTR 2.0 (Clock Turner For AMD Ryzen CPUs) include:

  • New Monitoring: It has the highest response time of all existing monitoring programs: 1ms in idle and 7ms in all-core load mode. Does not require AMD chipset drivers. Additional information about processor telemetry, the temperature, and the VID of each core (Zen3).
  • Phoenix feature: BSOD or reboot happened? Worry not! CTR will automatically recover and will finish the diagnostic or profile creation. If necessary, it will test in Cinebench R20 as well.
  • Initial Frequency Smart Offset 2.0: Diagnostic mode will predict the recommended frequencies more accurately, so you can significantly reduce tuning time. Important for AMD Ryzen 5000 processors that have 4 and 8 CCX. The evaluation is based on dynamic FIT, not static data.
  • Improvement in software performance: Most of the code has been rewritten. CTR now uses less CPU time, particularly when minimized. Special attention was paid to safety when communicating with SMU.
  • Diagnostic Mode: It now provides information about the basic co-efficient of the voltage curve (Zen 3) as well as information about the values that are recommended for P1 and P2 profiles.
  • Advanced logging system: It allows you to create a logbook individually for each CTR start-up.
  • Improved profile management: The system for more comfort.


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