Oculus Quest 2 Out There At 48,990 on Amazon Grand Gaming Days

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Back in September, Facebook released its widely awaited Oculus Quest 2, making VR games ever more enticing and sophisticated. It is lightweight, along with a lot of new features than its predecessor.

It is available in India now as well. The VR headset is available for only €48.990 at the Amazon Grand Gaming Days. The below is the specs:

Quest 2 replaces the Quest Headset from Oculus of the last century. It’s strong, has a better interface, and supports a refresh rate of 90 Hz 50 percent more pixels on each displayed than the original question.

There is a modern screen with a resolution of 1.832 pixels to 1,920 pixels per eye, but there is no news about what screen type. But let’s say it’s a 90 Hz LCD monitor for refresh speeds. As of right now, the device supports a refresh rate of just 72 Hz, but Oculus announced that it supports 90Hz with upcoming implementations.

Qualcomm XR2 SoC with 6 GB RAM power is the headset. The latest headphone still weighs 503 grams, which makes it 571 grams lighter than the original hunt. The controller now has the upgrade to increase energy consumption even more than the previous generation.

The Oculus Quest 2 is the 256GB capacity version available in India for US$ 399, and $ 48,990 in India.

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