Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is going to steal the best AirPods Pro feature

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Another Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro leak disclosed the real wireless earbuds offer a 3D audio head-tracking mechanism similar to the AirPods Pro Spatial Audio mode.

The Github user ThePBone is also providing active sound cancellation and a new voice detect feature in the APK teardown, including mobile app screenshots. But not all of the good news is that leakage still means that 3D audio will only be possible if the Galaxy Buds Pro is matched to a Samsung unit, including Samsung’s next Galaxy S21.

3D audio from Samsung seems to be operating the same as space audio from Apple. It uses sensors to monitor the head of the user as the earbuds play sound from what appear to be consistent locations, producing a 3D sound effect on the surround.

For the other core features discovered in the leak, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro at least does not seem to involve a Galaxy smartphone. The Galaxy Buds Live is active, but its new form could provide a more powerful seal against external noise, which has already been included with Galaxy Buds Live.

Then there is the Voice Detect, which seems to allow the earbuds to feel while speaking and to turn to the ambient sound mode automatically so you can easily communicate without having to manually activate an ambient. The leaked screenshots reveal this feature can be turned on and off because you want to take full control of noise cancellation and ambient music.

This is like a feasible discovery as far as leaks are concerned, complete with proofs of smaller details: the size of the recharger case, for instance, is given to 472 mAh. However, when we officially announce the buds, which may be at a Samsung unpackaged event on 14 January, we will wait for official confirmation of certain AirPods-baiting features.

If that is the case, Apple will have a few months to respond. The Apple AirPods Pro 2, which has been rumored to occur before the end of 2021, is not gone.

We will be watching the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro in the meantime. With improved fit and 3D audio smart integrated, they could be among the best wireless earbuds available, even though they are limited to some mobile users.

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