Chinese leading global LCD display production

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In the software sector, LCD technology was recently an important problem. Analysts say that China is the world’s leading producer of LCD panels, with a manufacturing potential of about 55% of world panel shipments.

According to reports, the news was released at the Chongqing Micro-LED Industry Innovation Forum in 2020 and the Konka Semiconductor Display Technology, with Chinese display capacities of over half its world supply. The argument is loaned to the Chinese Optics and Optoelectronics Manufacturers Association’s LCD Secretary-General Liang Xinqing.

Liang Xinqing estimates that 82,723 billion dollars were earmarked in the first three quarters of 2020, up 8% year over year. The shipment area currently stood at 178 million square feet, up 5.7 percent year on year. The first three quarters of 2020 shows, in China, in Mainland China that the shipping area of TFT-LCD was 97.01 million squeezed feet, or $26.685 billion, which accounts for 54,5% of the total industry production.

But the activities of corporations do need to be doubled with respect to the AMOLED plates, with production growing market shares. The AMOLED expenditure range is 0.6 percent and the volume of the production amounted to US$2,709 billion and was 1.09 million square meters.

Japan has now perfected upstream key technology; OLED is the largest foreign company in South Korea. But as China’s output capacities are currently gaining an edge. All world leaders also have to catch up.

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