Cyberpunk 2077 DLSS AND Ray Tracing Benchmark

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Today we follow up on our original benchmark coverage Cyberpunk 2077 with an examination of how this game works with ray tracing. Does that mean we see how the new GeForce RTX 30 series compared Radeon RX 6800 XT with XDR hardware…? Not too quickly.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be enhanced sometime in the future with support for AMD GPUs, but for now, you’re going to need an Nvidia RTX GPU to run ray tracking, and we’ll now look at performance in different settings across all of the big RTX consumer GPUs.

Most of you probably know now that Cyberpunk 2077 is visually amazing. It’s definitely one if not the most graphically stunning game we’ve ever seen and with activated ray tracing it looks exceptionally good. This doesn’t mean that the game looks poor without a ray path, but the ray path raises the graphics of the game and allows a major difference.

Cyberpunk is categorized into three parameters: ray path reflexes, ray trace shadows, and ray trace illumination, the latter having three distinct modes of lighting.

The most critical environment in the game is a reflection, which offers the greatest visual improvement toward regular rasterization. What makes Cyberpunk more striking in how the reflected rays are treated is how many reflexes are placed on the surfaces. Not just the standard glass and water puddles, but a number of surfaces with more matte elements and metals. While many of these surfaces still have to some extent screen-space reflections and look good without ray traces, turning on traced mirrors provides the next level of experience which improves the overall visual quality.

It is extremely interesting how reflections are handled on glass, but some drawbacks remain, such as the absence of reflection on your player character. This is very strange but seemingly too powerful to have. In several times, you’ll see a visible pop-up of reflections, when illumination or geometry is inserted or subtracted as you move the camera. But of course, with screen-space reflections, there are still several problems, so balance is still a feature of today’s graphics.

Ray-traced shadows are added by the sun or moon alone in light and there is a slight change, depending on the area of the globe, as opposed to running super rasterized shadows. The traced shadows add a more natural look in the desert background, for example.

The lighting setting of the ray incorporates environmental occlusion, diffuse lighting, and global illumination while you are using the psycho setting. This is more evident than shadows traced by the rays, but even at the finer end, particularly during the day outdoors. Some places get an artificial hue as traced light is removed and this environment will potentially bring it back to the scene at some moments. For the largest number of people looking for ray tracking, but saving performance, the variations between medium and ultimate lighting will be fine with the medium configuration.

From consistency to ultra output, we have a variety of settings at the DLSS front (Spoiler: you need/want to use DLSS in this game). Any of these setups decreases the make resolution of the game and uses reconstruction to reset the game. At 4K, the resolution is 1440p, the output is 1080p, the two are balanced and Ultra is low at 720p. At other aim resolutions, you can see identical ratios.

DLSS Output in all target resolutions is very close to native resolution, and in most cases, we suggest that you use it. To break that down clearly, the quality mode isn’t as detailed as the native mode, but it does a decent job to equal or even surpass native fine info. DLSS may carry back missing information in the original rendering on a few occasions, but the picture was not as good at other times.

Additional DLSS settings below ‘value’ are not identical to native rendering. In contrast, DLSS output is especially fluid at 1440p, and because this applies to the full picture, it doesn’t look fantastic for my eyes and we will not use it. We should remember that we probably won’t easily see the discrepancies we describe on YouTube videos. Also, we saw several reports of DLSS reproductions of errors and things that have to be known in this game, which I hope would be corrected like several other bugs over time.

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