Biden to take an oath outside of Capitol in the wake of virus restrictions

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President-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Vice President-elect, are looking at taking office oaths outside the United States. As an opening planner, the building Capitol is intended to design a celebration reflecting the typical grandeur of the historic ceremony while upholding the protocols of COVID-19.

For the Jan. 20 event on Tuesday, the team of Biden published some detailed information. One big unknown is the involvement of President Donald Trump?

The President, who continues to make unsubstantiated allegations of systematic election irregularities, has not yet stated whether Biden will attend the inauguration of the White House. Whilst many had believed he might miss the event following his defeat, now others expect it, for tradition’s sake, to attend, even though he is possibly attempting to overshadow it by revealing it only before the start of his campaign in 2024.

While the latest vaccine has been rolled out this week, it is still months away for the general population. The team of Biden thus calls on supporters not to come to the opening in Washington DC.

“The footprint of the ceremony is extremely limited and the following parade will be rethought,” Biden’s opening committee said in a statement.

Biden said Friday it would not be feasible to build a “gigantic opening parade down Avenue Pennsylvania,” while a massive revising booth is being installed before the White House.

Biden will give an opening statement after the swearing-in which “expands his vision for the virus to be beaten, build better up, and bring the country together,” said the inaugural committee.

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The Committee reported that Dr. David Kessler was designated Chief Medical Advisor for the vacancy, a former Commissioner for the Food and Drug Administration.

“The pandemic still has a significant impact on public health across the country,” said Kessler. “We ask Americans to take part in the opening events in their homes to protect themselves, their families, friends, and communities.”

The committee is turning to the same development company that oversaw the National Democratic Convention this year, trying to maintain some of the conventional touchstones of the event and envision new pandemic dimensions. Characteristics of the conference could be implemented, such as a simulated roll call from all nations.

“I think you’ll see something closer than a traditional inauguration to the convention,” said Biden last week.

The worries of COVID-19 could also change the political mathematics that will keep about 1,600 people where they are seated on the VIP forum. There have not been any firm decisions yet but organizers are attempting to reduce the figure.

Paige Waltz, the spokesman for the Joint Congressional Committee responsible for tracking the incident, said last week that law-makers considered that everyone on the stage similar to the President-elect would need a COVID-19 test.

The Biden Harris administration’s revived American outlook on an inclusive, equal, and united citizenry, Tony Allen, CEO of the Inauguration Committee, said a statement: “Our objective is to create an opening ceremony that ensures people’s safeguards and honors Biden’s great traditions.”

It is also uncertain if other typical opening ceremonies will take place this time, including the opening balls, lunches with Congressmen, or a pre-ceremony tea with the outgoing president. The largest convention center in Washington is usually home to several inaugural activities, but now it is a COVID-19 field hospital for emergency purposes.

Details are still waiting for the Washington D.C.  administration, which typically deals closely with its federal collaborators on these significant national activities in the capital.

Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington, said last week that she approached the Opening Committee but understandably that the process was taken together after a regular opening.

“We are waiting at this point for the plans of the President-elect,” she said.

Trump-Biden were face-to-face in the air because of ongoing maneuvers rather than any issues associated with viruses. The President-in-Office also declines to give the election. Trump said, “I don’t want to talk about it after being asked in a Sunday Fox News interview whether he will be taking part or engaging in the inaugural.

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