Melania Trump defends the removal of mask during a visit to the children’s hospital

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The White House has defended the first lady Melania Trump over her alleged breach of the mask policy of the Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC during her annual visit there.

A statement released by the White House said Ms. Trump was reading stories to a “small group of socially-distanced patients and their families in the hospital’s atrium.”

The clarification was given after the first lady was heavily mocked for taking off her mask on Tuesday during her holiday storytime for patients at a hospital, an occurrence she has been hosting for the last three years. She read Oliver the Ornament Meets Marley & Joan and Abbey by author Todd Zimmerman, a children’s novel on Christmas ornaments.

“The event was limited to numbers of individuals because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and all guests had to wear masks and maintain a social distance,” said White House.

“There was no need to wear masks while the speaker is delivering a broadcasting talk or the crowd, given that nobody is within 6 feet of the speaker,” said the media release, adding that the municipal directives are not violated. “The visit preceded the hospital’s public-speaking mask guidelines on the district’s Health Guide.

It said The first lady was more than 12 feet away in the four-story atrium throughout the holiday program. Today’s visit, which has been broadcasted to 325 hospital rooms, is following these instructions” He said.

Just two children were present, with the personnel and the police in the hospital wearing masks and face shields, and the majority were watching a live stream of people in the building.

In the past, both the president and the first wife were blamed for their gentle approach to the use of masks during the pandemic, where over 300,000 deaths have been registered in the US and more than 16 million cases recorded. In the past coronavirus has been contaminated in the first family—including the first lady, President Donald Trump, and her son Barron.

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