COVID-19 Vaccination: Centre issues guidelines, vaccine label may not carry expiry date

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COVID-19 Vaccination campaign is going to start soon in the nation. The corona virus vaccine may not carry an expiry date on its label but it should not deter vaccinators from administrating the shot, the Centre has said in the guidelines issues to states for the eagerly-awaited inoculation drive to rein in the pandemic.

Each COVID-19 vaccination team will consist of five members tasked to inoculate 100 beneficiaries per day, which could be scaled up to 200; with an additional vaccinator if the site has adequate logistics and infrastructure such as waiting rooms.

The state governments have also been advised to allocate vaccine from only one manufacturer to a district to avoid mixing; of different vaccines in the field. As per the COVID-19 Vaccine Operational Guidelines, the states have been asked to consult the latest; electoral roll for Lok Sabha or state Assembly elections to identify population over 50 years, who are expected to be vaccinated on priority.

COVID-19 Vaccination: Centre issues guidelines, vaccine label may not carry expiry date

The Centre plans to vaccinate 30 crore persons, including healthcare and frontline workers, those above 50 years and with co-morbid conditions in the first phase of the vaccination drive. The priority group of above 50 years may be further subdivided into those 60 years of age and those between; 50 to 60 years of age for purposes of phasing of rollout based on the pandemic situation and vaccine availability.

The identified persons would have to register on the CO-WIN website; using one of the 12 photo-identity documents, including Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, driving licence, passport, and pension document, before approaching; the COVID-19 vaccination site.

As per the guidelines, all measures should be taken; to avoid exposing the vaccine carrier, vaccine vials or ice packs to direct sunlight, the document stated. Vaccines and diluents should be kept inside the vaccine carrier with the lid closed; until a beneficiary comes to the centre for vaccination.

States have been asked to implement an integrated 360-degree comprehensive advocacy communication; and social mobilisation strategy to address the challenges surrounding vaccine rollout progress and benefits.

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