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Dollface was just issued a second season for the Hulu comedy series. Although the show is very underrated, it was a good one among women of all ages, because this show covers all aspects of a female relationship and friendships, and the actor meets her friends after her boyfriend dumps her. You will find more intimate relationships and friendships on this show of emotional and physical rediscovery. Dollface’s 1st period premiered on Hulu in a total of 10 episodes on 15 November 2019.

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Jeremy (Jule’s boyfriend) starts the show and Jules is dumped and invites her to return to her friends. She connects over a party with Stella and Madison and ends up in a minor discord. Madison and Jules come together, later on, to look for Stella who vanished from the party and finished with Dave Coulier in a restaurant. Later Izzy helped Jules move out and let her stay in her extra apartment from the apartment of Jeremy. At Madison’s launch party, Jules later got into a challenging situation that Stella did not show up to. After being called boring Jules decides to prove Stella wrong when they go out with her mother and end up in Alaska somehow in a boat. Stella wants to attend a business school at the same time.

Jules was left in more uninvited trouble when she planned to host Ramona’s Bachelorette party to have dinner with Colin (Madison’s Boyfriend), where Madison, Stella, and Izzy do not know about the party. But it becomes a catastrophe when the bride brings a curling iron to her face, and after eating penis-shaped food, Jules’ cat turtle vomits. The veterinarian Jules and Wes hit him at the party. Later on, the ladies show up for Jules who is arrested and soon released after a museum has been plundered. The three women went into battle later and Madison attacked Jules for confronting her over Colin. The show ended with a crazy ending. Madison exposed Colin to cheat his wife and Ramona’s four friends robbed her marriage car back to Los Angeles. It is interesting to see that in season 2 the show pots are out.

Release Date

While the show was supposed to take place in November 2020, the ongoing pandemic further delayed. The show would therefore be pushed through to 2021. The release is scheduled for January 2021 for Dollface Season 2. The season is expected to consist of 10 episodes, just like Dollface Season 1.

Hulu claimed that Dollface proved its best performance new Binge range, which indicated the likelihood of a renewal of the show.


We’ve got Kat Dennings plays the lead character of Jules from ‘Two Broke Girls.’ Stella Cole, Brenda Song as Madison Maxwell, and Esther Povitsky (from Crazy’s ex-friend) as Izzy play Shay Mitchell (from Pretty Little Liars).

Connor Hines (ex Jules), Beth Grant (Cat Lady), Goran Visnjic, are expected to be on the repetitive scene (Colin).

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