The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 8: Latest Updates!

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The final stop of the Mandalorian season 2 was hit. Chapter 16 (including The Mandalorian season 2 final) will be the most dramatic episode in the brief history of the program. Chapter 16 So when you have to set the alarms, isn’t it worth asking, right? The spoiler was on every corner of the social media, from the minute every episode ends, so let us launch you on Disney Plus – in the USA and the UK – for The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 8.

With another episode to the left, the whole of Mandalor’s 2 release schedule can be worth taking. It is a nice time to learn about how far we have come when ensuring that you have not missed shows. But you never know, impossible. However, first the main event: season 2 of Mandalorian, 8th episode, and air time.

Episode 8 Release Date

The release date is Friday, 18 December, for Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 8.

As ever, depending on the end of America you are, it’s going to be a late-night/early beginning. At midnight in the Pacific/East, Chapter 16 will fall on Disney Plus.

In Great Britain, it’s at a relatively convenient time: 8:00 GMT.


The schedule of the Mandalorian season 2 is below… As in the first season, season 2 is just eight episodes in Mandalorian. So on Christmas Day, you don’t need a ninth chapter. This is, for now, Din and Grogu and not until Weihnachts day will be seen in the Mandalorian season. The episodes already broadcast are adventurous.

  • season 2 premiere: Friday, October 30
  • episode 2: Friday, November 6
  • episode 3: Friday, November 13
  • episode 4: Friday, November 20
  • episode 5: Friday, November 27
  • episode 6: Friday, December 4
  • episode 7: Friday, December 11
  • finale: Friday, December 18


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