Westworld Season 4: Everything You Need To Know!

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Westworld: We saw Dolores Abernathy completing her evolution, and we started to know her goal, from innocent small home, on the Prairie marionettes, to Blade Runner, a hero of the form gone rogue. It’s astonishingly, not world domination: for hosts and people alike, she needs equality.

But in the Westworld season, 3 final things took a violent turn (as they usually do). The man in black and Dolores were both gone, the creator and Rehoboam were vanquished, and Bernard realized that all the while he kept “the key” to the Sublime inside him and Charlotte/Dolores turned on a dark hand. Yeah, and the worlds in anarchy… So it might in its place a new one. Everybody, slow breaths.

Much needs to be asked: What did Bernard see at the Sublime? Is it possible that Dolores is dead? Does Charlotte build an army? And we look to the future, as the show has shown us. This is what we learned about the 4th season of Westworld.


HBO officially ordered a fourth season, announced on 22 April.

Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan had previously told Variety that they would hope to finish Westworld history for at least one more season (and possibly more). HBO programming chief, Casey Bloys said in a statement: “We can’t wait to see where their inspired vision takes us next,”

After the final of Season 3, Joy, Nolan, and co-writer Denise Thé discussed what is next for HBO’s big hit, along with the Hollywood Reporter. In season 4 they developed a new “genre” one with a distinct subject and feeling.

There’s no one-setting comedy in Westworld. The plot, the settings, and the visual effects warrant massive investment, and Joy and Nolan have said that there is little chance of a continuation before 18 to 20 months after the final episode of Season 3. Between the air dates of Seasons 2 and 3 nearly two years passed.

“I’ll always think, as Jonah and Lisa are going to tell you, ‘Will we get sooner? “The variety said Bloys. “As shows get bigger and harder, I think it’s probably more time to spend between seasons.”

However, it remains unclear about the official date for Season 4.

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