Xiaomi has released a Merach Nano Pro Massage Gun on Indiegogo

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As part of a crowdfunding campaign on the Yupin Website, Xiaomi released in July this year the Merach Nano Massages Pistol. The Youpin site, as you may know, is not available to possible supporters outside China who may like to get their hands on the app. How the product was re-launched via Indiegogo to the world market.

The Merach NANO Pro is made of aluminum alloy and has a lightweight frame. The weight of the house is heavy, lighter, and much higher. The aluminum alloy is also resistant to corrosion. Both sides of the NANO Pro handles are fitted with a soft silicone grip, for optimum support and portability, to avoid slip and impact.

The massage gun provides three pressure levels: heating, intensification, and extreme intensity. It is small but incorporates all the professional characteristics to fit any requirement.

Merach Nano Pro Specifications

NANO Pro can specifically target 8 mm deep muscle group with a heavy torque of 600mNm, 40lb force, and 3500 rpm high-speed impact and can rapidly break down lactic acid into the muscle to easily relieve discomfort and heal quickly from exercise. Give you a very fun and comfortable experience.

It comes fitted with a single internal structural optimization technology and an integrated brushless motor. It also has an ultra-low noise level of just 40dB and is virtually quiet at a high speed of 3500rpm.

The massages arm Merach NANO Pro has a large battery of 2500 mAh and runs for 7 to 12,5 hours. But with pace, energy demand grows. However, with this simple rhythm, for an average of 15 minutes a day you can use the NANO Pro with a single charge for a month.

It also supports USB-C control, the fastest and most common recharge technology currently. In less than 2 hours the massage pistol can be fully charged.

Four interchangeable massage heads are given to the Merach massage pistol, which targets all muscle groups and tailors your massage. It helps to loosen and calm the whole muscle tissue.

The starting price is $89 for the Merach Nano Pro Massage Gun. Additional incentives are available on the crowdfunding page Indiegogo. At the end of December this year the gadget is supposed to be on sale.


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