Realme will release Buds Air Pro Master Version and Watch S Pro on December 23rd.

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Realme inaugurated the launch opportunity in India on 23 December. The start is on the TWS earbuds and the smartwatch watch domain of Buds Air Pro Master Version.


Realme has a pattern of publishing its product Master Edition. The realme Buds Air Pro Master Edition is a key non-phone product to undergo treatment, but it has been limited to such telephones as the X Master Edition, the realm X2 Pro Master Edition, and the realm X 50 G Master Edition.

The biggest difference between this and the common model is its color. The Buds Air Pro Master Version is available in silver with a dazzling end, as seen in the image above. Rock Black and Soul White are available in standard mode.


In Pakistan and Europe, the realme Watch S was unveiled last month and is now set to get a professional edition. With an even larger size of 1 39,” the Realme Watch S Pro swaps the LCD-panel of the common model for an AMOLED one with the following option of 454 x 454.

The demonstration is installed in a chrome steel case, not like an aluminum box in the world of Watch S. Two buttons on the required aspect are also available. Surprisingly, the pro model supports 15 modes of the sport, 1 lower than the regular model. It does have GPS, however a feature not on Watch S.

Other watch features include monitoring of blood oxygen and heart rate and battery life for 14 days. The promotional photos reveal that the realm Watch S Pro presumably has a brown leather strap outside. Additional black, orange and blue silicone straps are on view in the above film.

Realme may also declare on December 23 that the ordinary realm Watch S will be released in India.

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