Valeria Season 2: Is the show coming back?

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The Spanish comedy-drama “Valeria” is a way popular on the screens of Netflix. Developed by Maria Lopez Castno, the show is based on the novel series En los Zapatos de Valeria by Elisabet Benavent. There is buzz going around about the second season of the show. Will there be a second season? Well, we are here to talk about the same.

So without taking any more of your time, let’s take a look at everything we have gathered up for you here.

Valeria Season 2: What is the renewal status?

Valeria Season 2
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It has been confirmed by Netflix on 12th June 2020, that the show is going to return for its second season. Plus, Gomez also shared the news of Instagram, with a caption in Spanish that read: “Happy as a bird to announce there will be a second season.”

But the ongoing pandemic has pushed back filming for many series right now, it might be a while until we hear anything about production or a release date. But don’t worry; as soon as something comes up we will keep you updated.

Plus, there is very little scope for its cancelation. As there are enough plotlines for the show. In 2014, author Elisabet Benavent released the first in her novel series: En los zapaos de Valeria. It was the first of four in the series, and fans of the novels have pointed out just how much the TV adaptation diverged from the books which means that there are plenty of storylines that could play in a season two or beyond.

Valeria Season 2: What about the cast?

Well, we don’t have any official announcement about the cast of the second season of the show. But we are expecting the core cast to be back:

  • Diana Gomez as Valeria
  • Silma Lopez as Lola
  • Paula Malia as Carmen
  • Teresa Riott as Nerea
  • Maxi Iglesias as Victor
  • Ibrahim Al Shami as Adrian

Valeria Season 2: What will be the plotline?

The first season ended up with a couple of loose ends that are just begging for a second season. Like any good romantic comedy, the pulse of the show is a love triangle. Valeria is torn between her struggling marriage with her husband, Adri, who’s become less and less supportive of her dream to become a published author, and Victor, the mysterious, hot new friend who gets both her writing dreams and her blood racing.

In addition to the adventures of Carmen, Lola, and Nerea, throughout the season we went back and forth between being “Team Adri” and “Team Victor”.

Finally, she got a book deal at the end of the first season for her erotic novel that was very strongly influenced by her feelings for Victor. But all the excitement went off when her publisher dropped the news that they’d like her first book to be published under the pen name of an already popular romance novel series.

Altogether, there were many doors open for the second season.

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