Farm Laws: PM Modi says reforms will increase farmers’ income amid protest

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Protest against the new farm laws is getting intense with every passing day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said the new farm laws legislated by the central government a few months ago will help bring down barriers between agricultural and associated sectors, creating new markets for farmers who will gain from technological advances and investments.

The Prime Minister said that when one sector grows, its effect is seen in several other sectors. Speaking at the virtual 93rd Annual Convention of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry he said, “But imagine what would happen when unnecessary walls are erected between industries. No industry will grow as fast as it should.”

Farm Laws: PM Modi says reforms will increase farmers’ income amid protest
The Indian Express

He then pointed specifically towards the controversial farm laws brought in by the central government in September. He said, “Agriculture and its related sectors such as agriculture infrastructure, food processing, storage, cold chains had seen walls between them. Now, these walls are being removed. These reforms will give farmers new markets, advantages of technology, and help bring investments. It is my country’s farmers who will benefit the most from all this.”

He continued on the theme of barriers in various industries saying; that what is required in India’s economy is not walls but more and more bridges; so that they help support each other.

Thousands of farmers across the country, especially those from Punjab and Haryana, have been protesting for the past few weeks; against three central government agricultural laws passed in September, gathering support; from many political parties. Multiple rounds of talks with the central government have failed; to break the impasse, with the farmers seeking the complete repeal of the three laws.

Speaking further at the Ficci event, the PM sought the industry’s investment; in India’s villages and small towns because that is where growth; will come from in the 21st century. He said that, unfortunately, the private sector had not focused; on agriculture as much as it ought to have till now.

He said, “Now farmers have the option of selling their produce in mandis as well as to outside parties. These efforts are aimed at increasing farmers’ incomes.”

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