The Flight Attendant Episode 8: Everything We Know!

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Based on the 2018 same-name Chris Bohjalian novel The Flight Attendant tells the story of Cassie Bowden, who is awakened in a hotel in Bangkok to find her last-night lover dead. Following are the protagonist’s futile measures, all the while seeking to show its innocence to the government, to defend itself from foreign arms traffickers.

Since its presentation, the show was largely positive and was commended for its leading star, Kaley Cuoco. You would be keen to see what is in store for episode 8, which is also the final episode, whether you are all caught up to Episode 7. Ok, here’s what we hear about The Flight Attendant’ in the next episode.

The Flight Attendant Episode 8 Finale Release Date

The final episode i.e episode 8 of The Flight Attendant is scheduled to take place on December 17, 2020, at 3 a.m. ET on HBO MaX.



With Cassie as bait, Miranda and Cassie set a trap on Felix. If Miranda is exactly following his plan in the final season, entitled ‘Arrivals and Departures,’ Miranda will kill Felix. We should also assume Victor to be sought and handled by the pair. If it doesn’t happen as they wish, they might all end up dead. The FBI officers also have to hear that one has been killed.

In the next episode, the authorities could find out about the killing of their agent, and eventually, begin to believe Cassie. The case of Megan is similarly daunting because she may be detained for providing North Korea with state secrets. Cassie will ultimately learn to pardon her dad’s events.

Episode 7 Recap

Finally, Cassie and Miranda chat and plan to comply when they know that they are both to be killed by Miranda’s organization. Even though they first plan to contact Annie so that she can reach a bargain with the authorities with Miranda, the former assassin later continues to believe the safest way to escape from Canada. Cassie discovers that in his copy of ‘Crime and retribution,’ the code is in Alex’s account.

Felix turns up there as they try to locate it from the apartment of Annie. Later on, Cassie points out that Felix is really Buckley and agrees with Miranda’s plan to set him in a trap. The way of her dad’s death is eventually revealed, along with the explanation of why she hallucinates of rabbits, in one of Cassie’s dreams of Alex.

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