FDA announces the meeting of the Advisory Committee to address COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate

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On the 10th of December, the US FDA decided to address the proposal for an emergencies authorization (EUA) to use a COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer, Inc. in collaboration with the German corporation of BioNTech Manufacturing, in its Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Associated Biological Products (VRBPAC).

“The FDA acknowledges that public interest in COVID-19 vaccines is key to transparency and dialogue. I would like to ensure the Americans that FDA’s method and data review would be as responsive and clear as possible for a future COVID19 vaccine,” said FDA Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn, M.D. “The FDA has for several months been planning and able to evaluate EUA vaccines for COVID-19 after a proposal has been made by the EUA. Whilst we can’t foresee the length of the FDA review, the FDA is reviewing the proposal as fast as possible and also doing it cautiously and on a scientific basis, with a view to supplying the Americans with a vaccine, they need as early as possible. A discussion with this committee of outside national analysts and public health specialists on the efficacy and efficacy of Pfizer’s and BioNTech vaccine would help ensure that the clinical evidence and knowledge to be reviewed by the FDA are interpreted in a straightforward way by the public in order to determine whether to accept emergency vaccinations for the prevention of CO.

The FDA plans to make background information accessible to the public not less than two business days prior to the conference, including the meeting schedule and committee list. In general, consultative committees include a moderator, experts in science and public health, a client, a business, and often a representative of the patients. For specific sessions, additional specialists with special experience can be added.

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Although the VRBPAC representatives assist this agency with recommendations on the safety and efficacy evidence submitted in the EUA submission, the FDA makes final decisions on whether to permit the emergency use vaccine. This period of time would give the FDA the ability to fully analyze and prepared for a vigorous public debate with the members of the Advisory Committee on timings of the VRBPAC meeting following the introduction of a EUA submission.

The FDA proposes to release an FDA notice on the week of November 23 with meeting specifics, which will include public comment material. Public observations can be submitted at that time. The FDA will review these remarks.

The VRBPAC Meeting on the YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter networks of the department is being held by the FDA, as are website transmissions.

The Food and Drug Administration, a US-based department Health and Human Services Agency, safeguards public health by safeguarding human and veterinary medicines, vaccines and other biologic products, as well as medical equipment, and by guaranteeing quality and protection. The department is also responsible for the protection and security of the food sources of our country, cosmetics, food additives, electronic radiation devices, and tobacco products are not included.

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