Extracurricular Season 2: When is the release happening?

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If we look at it properly, Extracurricular is one of the Korean dramas filled with all the enthusiasm and drama you need to spice up your life with. It is a delightful one if you are going through a rough day schedule. The first season of the Extracurricular received immense love and is counted as one of the most exciting series of all the time. The crime drama won hearts and applause for everyone. But, for now, the future of this K-drama rests in the hands of Netflix.

But we firmly expect that the drama will get renewed for its second season. Composed by Jim Han Sae and Kim Jin-Min, made a huge fan base for itself, and now everyone is growing impatient for its second season to come out.

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Extracurricular Season 2: Is the renewal happening?

Extracurricular season 2

It is all in the hands of Netflix for the renewal of the series. Though, it is still unknown and about any renewal status. It is one of the K-dramas that found its way to Netflix and became widely famous. Like other K-dramas such as Enjoy Alarm and Persona, this too may take some time for the announcement of its renewal.

Let’s hope for the best, and we can expect to see the second season of Extracurricular.  We can’t even say anything about the release date until the renewal is announced. The first season of the series released on 6th August 2019. Connecting the points, we can assume that the filming for the second season might begin around the same time, and we can expect the release date around in April 2021.

Extracurricular Season 2: Who all are going to be features?

We don’t have any official news about the casting in season two, but we can anticipate that the following cast members would make their comeback in the second season too.


Extracurricular Season 2: What is inside for the plot?

A teen crime drama where we see some high school students who get caught up between big troubles. The story revolves around Jung Da Bin, who is the protagonist, and we understand how his high school pupil Oh Ji Soo commits crimes to pay off his tuition fees. Along with him, other kids too get dragged inside, which makes the situation messier. They keep getting in the trap, and instead of getting out of it, they keep getting more rooted in the mess.

In season two, we would probably see some conclusion to the problem. We can also see a new story that might address some new issues.

Stay tuned for further updates!


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