Deceased CCD Owner VG Siddhartha’s Wife Malavika Hegde Takes Over as CEO

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Malavika Hegde, wife of the deceased founding member of Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd (CDEL) VG Siddharthawas was named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company on Monday. Father Passes Away, CCD member VG Siddhartha, almost a month after Son’s Tragic Demise

The abrupt death of Siddhartha had shaken the world of business last year. Malavika, the daughter of former Karnataka CEO SM Krishna, previously said she remained deeply committed to paying down the company’s multi-crew debt load.

CH Vasudhara Devi, Giri Devanur, and Moha Raghavendra Kondi were named as additional managers by the board of directors of the company from 31 December to 30 December 2025 in their position of non-executive independent administrator. Anand Mahindra Has Recommendations for Entrepreneurs on the death of CCD Founder.

In unexplained circumstances, Siddhartha was found dead in early August 2019. Having attempted suicide was presumed.

The business is in troubled seas as Siddhartha is suspected to have taken his life as debt pressures in his company started to appear. CDEL has sought to disburse its funds to par debts after it passed away in July last year.


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