Cheese in the Trap Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

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A beautiful South Korean drama Cheese in the Trap portrayed a love story in a completely different way and made all of us fall for it. Written by Kim Nam-hee and Go Sun-hee and the director being Lee Yoon-Jung, the series became a hit with its first season. The series was a fantastic adaptation of the web-toon with the same name. The impression left behind by the show is entirely unforgettable all because of its execution and presentation. Its season 1 left behind its fans demanding more of it i.e., for season two.

Everyone is in the confusion that will there be a season 2? Well, we are here to clear out all of your confusion and to give you all the information related to one of the most loved shows.

Cheese in the Trap Season 2: Release date

Cheese in the Trap season 2

It has been quite some time since the release of the first season of the show. The debut season of the show Cheese in the Trap was aired on 4th January 2016 on the cable network TVN. The first season of the show had 16 episodes that continued till 1st March 2016. Though, the ending story of the 16th episode of the show was different from that in the web-toon.

Till now, there is no official update about the renewal of the show for its second season. We will keep you updated if we get any kind of information related to the release of the second season.

Cheese in the Trap Season 2: Who all are inside?

Kim Go-Eun made her performance memorable with her debut in the TV show Cheese in the Trap. She was seen as a beautiful, empathetic girl who sees and believes in the goodness in people. She received the Best New Actress award after her role in the series “Muse” and made her success mainstream.

With her, we also saw Park Hae-jin, who played the character of Yoo Jung, who is a rich, popular, and successful kid, and he also has a dark side of being manipulative and cold. He is known for his fantastic performance in “Bad Guys.”

With the two protagonists, the series also stars actor Seo Kang-Joon and Lee Sung-Kyung, who is seen playing the role of siblings Baek in-ho and Baek In-ha. They were adopted into Jung’s family, but later they drifted away from him because of his nature.

Cheese in the Trap Season 2: What is the storyline?

Cheese in the Trap starts by giving us an in-depth analysis of the characters of Hong Seol and Yoo Jung. The show altogether showcases fascinating storylines that can quickly get anyone attached to the show and crave for more. The story revolves around Hong Seol, who is seen torn between choosing love and escaping its darkness.

In season 2 we can explore some more ways of love and its darkness if the season is renewed.

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