Hotel del Luna Season 2: Cast, Release Date, and Plotline

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A South Korean drama Hotel del Luna written by Hong sisters under the direction of Oh Choong Hwan won hearts. The dark fantasy drama created in the Studio Dragon. After the release of its first season, it became an infamous treat for Korean drama lovers. Initially, it was in Korean, but within a short period, it also became worldwide available with English subtitles. The drama originally premiered on TvN, but for increasing the reach and due to the popularity of the drama, it also became available on streaming channels like Netflix, Viki, We TV.

Hotel del Luna successfully built a huge fan base only through the release of its first season i.e., the debut one. In a short period of time, it gained the twelfth position in the list of world dramas. And became one of the most loved shows of all the time; that ultimately means that everyone is eagerly waiting for its second season to hit on the screens. We understand your curiosity, and that’s why we are with all the information you need to know about it.

Hotel del Luna Season 2: When the release is going to happen?

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In July 2019, the first season of Hotel del Luna was aired. The first season had 16 episodes that made everyone fall for it. For now, there is no news related to the renewal of the show for its second season. But, we can guess from the hints that were dropped at the ending of the first season, that there would be a second season with a different story.

Though, Hong sisters have confirmed that the first season was the first and the conclusion of the story, we can’t say anything for sure. But, we can expect a spinoff as the fans are continuously demanding for a new season to come up.

Hotel del Luna Season 2: Who all are inside for the new season?

As we know that the season one ended with dropping many hints, we can expect lots of K-Pop idols as the new faces in the show with exciting aspects. For the upcoming season, if the renewal happens, we can see Kim Soo Hyun in the lead role with Yoo Jin-goo for a guest role.

Hotel del Luna Season 2: What is in for the storyline?

As we all know that the plot of Hotel del Luna is quite fascinating. There is a strange hotel named Hotel del Luna or simply the guest house of the moon, and the story revolves around it. It is a hotel only for spirits who have some unfinished business or wishes; they come here and make their dream come true and pass on to the afterlife. The interesting fact is that the hotel is not visible to any human, and the manager of the hotel is human.

At the end of the first season, the Mago, who is the god in different forms, makes Kim Soo Hyun the new owner of the hotel. For season 2, we can expect the answers to come out. We would see his life story about why he ended up in this ghost hotel? What is the resentment of him, and how his life changes into? The second season if it is renewed, can reveal the answers to the following questions.

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