SpiceJet cargo arm gears for delivery of covid-19 vaccine

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On Wednesday, SpiceJet Limited announced its cargo arm has been prepared to transport the Covid-19 vaccine for delivery and has a specialist operation called Spice Pharma Pro which carries it.

Since March, the Gurgaon-based airline has been transporting 85,000 tonnes of freight and has connected to cold chain vaccine logistics firms and provides cargo shipments service with controlled ambient temperatures of from -40°C to +25°C for the transport of ultra-cold vaccines.

SpiceJet points out that the airway ‘network offers non-stop service to major international transport centers and strives to classify organization thermoplastics, apart from real-time control and temperature and humidity sensors.

‘SpiceXpress has now formed a bond with global cold chain solutions providing active and passive packaging with dedicated cold chain operations and I’m glad to announce that SpiceXpress has today a capacity to hold highly sensitive drugs and vaccines at temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +25 °C.’

SpiceXpress consists of 17 cargo airplanes including Boeing 737s, Bombardier Q400s, and a large-scale Airbus A340. They will run both domestically and abroad.

The airline also provides a deep freezer network of storage facilities that can facilitate the transport of critical cargo by modifying cool packaging, grounds, and containers.

“SpiceXpress is ready for the enormous task of distributing sensitive goods both domestically and internationally including Covid-19 vaccines that require stringent transportation conditions,” Singh added in the release.

So far, four primary vaccine manufacturers, including Pfizer, Moderna, Oxford-AstraZeneca and Russian Sputnik V, have announced findings from their late-stage testing and have hoped that the vaccine will be launched shortly.

The researchers predicted that more than 15,000 aeroplanes would be required if the covid-19 vaccines were to be quickly delivered globally in the next year. Quick movements of equipment for cold storage, medical instruments and workers could require several further flights.

‘Uniquely 200,000 pallet shipper transfer movements to 15,000 rounds will be needed to ensure their global cover for more detail here. According to a White Paper from DHL of 20 September entitled ‘Pandemic Resistance transmission’ the downstream distribution would be more difficult to meet the stringent temperature specifications.

SpiceJet’s rival aviation companies, such as IndiGo, are considering launching dedicated cargo services especially for transporting Covid-19 when it is available on the market, with a planned rise in cargo transport. The airline also held discussions with European aircraft manufacturers Airbus SE on the form of carriers which could be put in service for The airline has already.

For vaccine storage, the GMR Group has developed temperature-controlled areas ranging from 25°C to -20°C for airport operations in New Delhi and Hyderabad. The two airways at each one of their facilities are reportedly able to accommodate roughly 1.5 tonnes per annum.


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