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Busted Season 3 is the top of everybody’s bucket list, and it is also known as The criminal is you. The TV series is in people’s minds, this South Korean Mystery Fiction. Any show in which Park Min-young and Kim Se-Jeong are present is basically a win. This initiative by Netflix brought the thriller genre, and that in K-world too, a whole new direction. On 4 May 2018, the first season opened. For the first season, producer Cho Hyo-slogan jin’s to have the show “consumed on the world stage.” In the second season, an interesting momentum was created.

The show takes us on the road to famous detectives who enroll in Project D. They become privately owned detectives of K and solve a new crime in every episode. In the meantime, they also discover the real mystery of their association. In the second season, the previous seven sleuths were a new hire. They embark on a “Flower Killer” hunt, then an assassin.

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Release Date

On February 16, 2020, the creators renewed the display for the third time. In June, filming was wrapped up. Fans are now looking forward to Busted Season 3. Furthermore, it lets us flutter our teeth in expectation of the pandemic that lies in both industries. But sometime in November 2020, the rumored release date is. In the first week of November 2019, the second season was first. We should then predict Busted Season 3 from the first season.


The program stands out from most series because the actors are in the show. Nobody is depicted, however, the mysteries of crime are revealed. For Busted Season 3, the cast returns include:

  • Yoo Jae-suk
  • Kim Jong-min
  • Lee Kwang-soo
  • Park Min-young
  • Oh Se-hun
  • Kim Se-Jeong
  • Lee Seung-gi


“Suspense, surprise, and fun are abundant in the Korean game show with great personalities and even greater mysteries in every episode,” reads the official overview of the show.

The show that tracks the major figures on the detective trip reveals great amusing antiquities. We saw them, however, engaged with the killing of Ahn Nae Sang in the previous episode. In the second season, the first season has taken over. Therefore, Busted Season 3 is going to take over. We’re going to see more of the abduction. They were following the trail of Flower Killer and finding something simply beautiful. In the next season, however, the momentum build-up from the second season will improve.

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